I can quit whenever I want” by Sydney Sibilia and “Black Souls” by Francesco Munzi will be screened tomorrow at BFI London Film Festival (both sold out).

Tomorrow 11 October 12:15pm Curzon Mayfair

Wednesday 15 October 8:45 pm Odeon Covent Garden

When Pietro is laid off from his university job, he decides to start up his own business. He recruits a group of his fellow down-at-heel university professors to enter the drug trade, albeit dealing
only drugs made with yet to be banned substances. But their naivety is soon exposed as they fall foul of those on both sides of the law. Sydney Sibilia’s debut film is a comedy of misadventure with a smart, topical edge.

On the Festival webpage, Adrian Wootton writes: “The hilarious premise, clever satire (the situation of these misfit academics is a real-life one in current contemporary Italian society) and comic set pieces make this one of the outstanding Italian comedies of recent years“.

The film has been nominated for 12 David di Donatello Awards, seven Golden Ciak Awards (winning two), and won Best Comedy at Italy’s Golden Globe Awards.

CinemaItaliaUK BlackSouls

Tomorrow 11 October 8:45 pm Cine Lumiere

Tuesday 14 October  3:15 pm Vue West End Cinema

An adaptation of a novel by Gioacchino Criaco, itself based on a true story, Francesco Munzi’s Black Souls puts a new spin on the Italian family feud, playing out like a contemporary western. When a minor spat triggers the hostility of a rival clan, three brothers from Southern Italy who are steeped in the life of the ‘Ndrangheta (the Calabrian equivalent of the Mafia), are caught up in a spiral of events and emotions that escalate out of their control, heading towards tragedy.

The rights of the film have been acquired for the UK by the distributor Vertigo Film.

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