The movie is set in today’s Naples. Paco, after studying  piano at a College of music, is unable to  find work.  His mother advises him to get himself a job in the police, but his total inaptitude gets him involved in a criminal investigation.The chief inspector , Cammarota, who is on the tracks of a dangerous  Camorra killer known as O’ Fantasma (The Ghost) because no one has ever seen his face, is looking for a cop who can pretend to be a piano player and thus  infiltrate the music band of Lollo Love – a well known singer engaged to liven up the wedding of Antonietta Stornaienco, daughter of the boss of Somma Vesuviana. O’ Fantasma (The Ghost) will probably attend the wedding.

Bad luck for  Paco who will end up playing music he hates dressed as a peasant  and risking his own life, … Unexpectedly this will be the turning point of his life.

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Director’s note

This movie is the result of an idea that Giampaolo Morelli had many years ago.

We talked  about it with the producer Luciano Martino, who was immediately enthusiastic. He strongly believed that this one was the movie he had to make after “L’Arrivo di Wang” and “Paura 3d”.

We are proud to have shot the last movie of a man whom we consider the most important Italian producer and our Maestro. We worked with Luciano for a short time, he  meant a lot to us and gave  us what we really needed: real direction.

With “Song’e Napule” we are back to the detective and Police movies, the kind that we have always loved most.

We wanted to describe Naples and the peculiar phenomenon of the “Melodic Singers”, very popular and worshipped in Naples, but totally unknown even a few miles away.

During the shooting we fell in love with Naples and we decided to describe it as no-one does anymore today: in particular the beauty of its city center as Ettore Scola and Nanny Loy did in the past.

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