CinemaItaliaUK invites you to the UK Première of Influx

The wait is over! After nearly two years, Influx, the documentary by Sicilian Director Luca Vullo, exploring the  the lives of the Italian community in London, is finally ready for its debut in cinemas, on the 22nd of June at Genesis Cinema.

The date is very ” hot “, the night before the referendum in which the English are called to vote on whether or not to stay in the European Union and the discussion with the Director, which  will follow the screening, will not fail to what will happen to the Italians and European immigrants in case of Brexit .

But it will also be an evening of great celebration, with the bar open until midnight to mark the occasion with some of the best food and drinks all Made in Italy.

Influx tells the stories of those Italians who, through dozens of routes, over the years have left their country and landed in the UK; many tightrope walkers who every day walk the streets of London building their lives in a foreign country.


Luca Vullo with the Italian Consul Massimilano Mazzanti

Luca Vullo, Director of Influx and an immigrant himself, is part of this diverse group and tries to tell the emotions, the reasons, the desires, successes and failures  in a sort of “collective self-analysis”, as he himself has defined this work.

His exploration lasted almost two years, a long road made of interviews, filming, crowdfunding, dozens of doors that opened wide and the same number closed in the face.

The community of Italians in London is photographed in all its varieties, from those “who have made it” to those who has just arrived, from VIP to those who have lost everything, from the Italian Institutions to some English eye, curious, outside commentators of this pacific invasion.