a movie by Gianfranco Cabiddu. “A company of actors is wrecked, together with a group of dangerous members of Camorra, on the shores of an island in the middle of the Mediterranean. On these bases, a real comedy develops, full of turns of events directly inspired by Shakespeare’s Tempest. Here comes to light a deep narrative line ... More

Varichina + Q&A

a documentary film by by Mariangela Barbanente and Antonio Palumbo "This is the story of Lorenzo De Santis (played by actor Totò Onnis), called "Varichina", a gay man which defied the bigot society of Bari in the ‘70s. He used his colorful will to live to resist to the open hostility of a homophobic community. This is a story of love, ... More

BODY OF EVIDENCE: A Killer Selection of Crime Shorts

in collaboration with Shorts on Tap.  Time to unleash 7 gripping, chilling, dark short films for our thriller-thirsty audience. Clues, investigations, crime scenes for a nerve-wrecking night of the very best thriller production available in short format. A journey across crime scenes, blood stains, psychopaths and other cheerful stuff. ... More

UK PREMIRE: Liberami + Q&A

a documentary film by Federica Di Giacomo.  "Providing a sober look at an area more typically relegated to horror movies, Federica Di Giacomo’s Liberami explores the Sicily-based exorcism efforts of Father Cataldo, a veteran sought out in increasing numbers by Catholics who suspect they may be possessed." In collaboration with ... More

In Guerra Per Amore (At War With Love) + Q&A

a film by Pif. "The year is 1943, and Arturo is in love with beautiful fellow Italian Flora, who is however promised to the son of a New York mafia boss. The girl’s father lives in a small town in Sicily, and to ask his permission for his daughter’s hand in marriage in person, Arturo’s only option is to enlist in the American army, ... More

La Decima Vittima (The Tenth Victim) + Q&A

In the future, society has evolved past wars, utilizing a televised murder show call the "Big Hunt." Caroline Meredith is a hunter looking to kill her tenth victim, after which she can retire wealthy. Her prey, Marcello Polletti, does his best to avoid her traps. After a deal with a sponsor, Meredith plans to kill Polletti on camera as part of a commercial. However, romantic feelings between the combatants start to complicate the hunt. More

Babylon Sisters

Babylon Sisters + Q&A

Kamla and her parents have just moved in a rundown building on the outskirts of Trieste together with other immigrant families… More

Lo Chiamavano Jeeg Robot

They called him Jeeg Robot (Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot)

Enzo Ceccotti is a small time crook who, after an accidental fall in Tevere river, is endowed with superpowers. In spite of a misanthropic human nature, he finds himself to protect the young Alessia... More

Sponde – Nel sicuro sole del Nord

Presented in collaboration with SalinaDocFest, "Sponde" ("Shores") tells the story of Mohsen and Vincenzo, one living in Tunisia and the other in the Italian island of Lampedusa, and their ethical... More


by Ludovica Fales SalinaDocFest is based on a dream, the dream of giving a proper cinema to Salina and of making a cinema of the whole of the Salina island. This dream is sustained with extreme love and passion by Giovanna Taviani, the festival director, who believes in documentary filmmaking, a non-mainstream genre that has ... More