L’ultima Spiaggia (The Last Resort)

a film by Thanos Anastopoulos and Davide Del Degan L'ultima Spiaggia tells the stories of beach-goers at a popular beach located in Trieste, in the Northeast of Italy, where a wall still separates men from women. This is a film about boundaries, identities and discrimination. A tragicomedy on human nature. More

Faber in Sardegna & L’ultimo concerto

CinemaItaliaUK in collaboration with Theatralia - EFG London Jazz Festival and Monk Misterioso presents the documentary by Gianfranco Cabiddu, Director of the acclaimed "The Stuff of Dreams", about Fabrizio De Andrè and his relationship with Sardinia and his last tour before his untimely death in 1999. The screening will be accompanied by ... More

Il Padre D’Italia

A film by Fabio Mollo "Paolo is a disillusioned gay man. Mia is pregnant, rogue and alone. They meet by chance and start a journey together, across Italy, where the search for Mia’s family becomes a metaphor of the search for their own future and destiny." More

Premiere: La Leggenda di Bob Wind

A movie by Dario Baldi "The life and times of Roberto Cimetta, unsung hero of Italian theatre, an enthusiastic experimenter who helped to create and develop international festivals of theatre like the one in Lisbon. A young journalist, Anna, decides to rediscover his story across the memories and reflections of his friends and collaborat... More


A movie by Claudio Amendola "Luigi. Donato. Rossana. Angelo. Four persons, four prisoners whose life is followed in the 48 hours of their furlough out of a prison in the suburbs of Rome. All of them haunted by their past, they try to take advantage of this short time in the real world to make a significant twist on their lives." More


A comedy by Ficarra & Picone. The new mayor of a small town in Southern Italy vows to bring back education and legality. But when his promises become a strong reality, his citizen, scared, manage to get rid of him with the help of his two brothers-in-law. CinemaItaliaUk starts his new season with the most successful comedy of the ... More


a movie by Gianfranco Cabiddu. “A company of actors is wrecked, together with a group of dangerous members of Camorra, on the shores of an island in the middle of the Mediterranean. On these bases, a real comedy develops, full of turns of events directly inspired by Shakespeare’s Tempest. Here comes to light a deep narrative line ... More

Varichina + Q&A

a documentary film by by Mariangela Barbanente and Antonio Palumbo "This is the story of Lorenzo De Santis (played by actor Totò Onnis), called "Varichina", a gay man which defied the bigot society of Bari in the ‘70s. He used his colorful will to live to resist to the open hostility of a homophobic community. This is a story of love, ... More

BODY OF EVIDENCE: A Killer Selection of Crime Shorts

in collaboration with Shorts on Tap.  Time to unleash 7 gripping, chilling, dark short films for our thriller-thirsty audience. Clues, investigations, crime scenes for a nerve-wrecking night of the very best thriller production available in short format. A journey across crime scenes, blood stains, psychopaths and other cheerful stuff. ... More

UK PREMIRE: Liberami + Q&A

a documentary film by Federica Di Giacomo.  "Providing a sober look at an area more typically relegated to horror movies, Federica Di Giacomo’s Liberami explores the Sicily-based exorcism efforts of Father Cataldo, a veteran sought out in increasing numbers by Catholics who suspect they may be possessed." In collaboration with ... More